Why Paparazzi?

 Bling with Michele

In 2012, I noticed a friend posting on Facebook about "Paparazzi" and wondered why she was suddenly involved with photographers taking photos of celebrities until she explained that it was a business she had joined and was selling $5 jewelry.  She invited me to join her and I loved the business plan!  Order jewelry at $2.75 wholesale per item and sell for $5 was a WINNING plan  and I decided to take the plunge!  

Not knowing ANYTHING about jewelry, fashion and seasonal trends, I certainly wasn't the ideal candidate to become a Paparazzi consultant, but anyone can learn if they choose to!  I grew up working like a man on our family farm and my usual attire was worn jeans with a wrench in my back pocket, irrigation boots and I rode a motorcycle.  

When I became a Paparazzi consultant in January 2013, I'd recently had baby #5 and my oldest was 9.  While I had everything I wanted in a family, a part of Michele was really suffering from lack of identity.  We struggled for years with infertility and I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom if we were ever able to have children.  During those years prior to having babies, I worked at jobs I loved in dental offices and property management.  Having a job was a big part of my identity and boosted my confidence knowing I was earning money to help support us, especially while my husband was in professional school.  

At the time, I became a Paparazzi consultant, my confidence was at an all-time low and I didn't know that jewelry would be the avenue for incredible personal growth, new lifelong friends, development of new business skills and a completely new outlook on life.  

$5 Jewelry has given this girl many opportunities to feel empowered by contributing to our family's financial well-being and giving me the opportunity to see my customers' confidence improve one piece of jewelry at a time. 

Jewelry should be fun—an expression of who you are and the trends you love. And unless it’s an heirloom piece, it sure as heck shouldn’t be expensive. 

That’s what I love about Paparazzi, and what drew me to the business in the first place.

Now keep in mind, when I started as a consultant the only jewelry I wore was my wedding ring and a pair of silver earrings I’d usually replace every year. Maybe, if I was feeling fancy, I’d find a sparkly pair of studs to wear to a party.  But that’s it.

Fast forward a few years, and you’re likely to see me stroll out the door sparkling in jewelry from head to toe. You never know what I’ll be decked out in! But Paparazzi hasn’t just unleashed my inner jewelry hound—no, it’s far more than that.

First, it’s given me the opportunity to own and run a profitable business, which is something I’d never dreamed of doing.

It’s been an amazing blessing to my family financially, all while being something I do from my home.

More importantly, however, it has built my confidence and allowed me to help other women build theirs.

I have done so many things I never thought possible, from Facebook Lives to training others to helping my customers choose just the right piece for a special occasion. Now the minute I see a new piece released, I know exactly who it would be perfect for. And as I’ve tackled new challenges, my confidence has flourished.

Best of all, I’ve had the opportunity to help women just like me begin their own business and work towards financial independence. That has been the most rewarding part of all—and it’s all happened just $5 at a time.