Collection list

Stellar Stardom - Silver Necklace-Paparazzi
Superstar Showcase - White Earring-Paparazzi
Midsummer Daisy - Multi Seed Bead Anklet-Paparazzi
Chiseled Coastline - Brown  Anklet-Paparazzi
Streamlined Shimmer - Black Earring-Paparazzi
Uptown Links - Black Paparazzi Necklace
Soaring Stars - Black Necklace-Paparazzi
Order of the Arrow - Black Gunmetal Bracelet-Paparazzi
Total Eclipse of the Heart - Silver Necklace-Blockbuster-Paparazzi
Untamed - Copper Necklace-Paparazzi
GLITZY By Association - Gold Paparazzi Hoop Earring
Cosmic Red Carpet - Blue Earring-Paparazzi
STARLIGHT Show - Blue Earring-Paparazzi
Only 1 left!
Outstanding Opulence - Blue Earring-Paparazzi
Sugar-Coated Sparkle - Multi/Blue Bracelet-Paparazzi
Number One Knockout-Multi Bracelet
Colorful Charade - Pink Bracelet-Paparazzi
Tranquil Tribute - Multi Stone Anklet-Paparazzi
Compelling Clouds - Purple Necklace-Paparazzi
Havasu Hideaway - Brass Earring-Paparazzi
Dragonfly Dance - Brass Necklace-Paparazzi
Backyard Beauty - Brass Ring-Paparazzi
Petal Pageantry - Brass Paparazzi Necklace
Elongated Eloquence - Brown Necklace-Paparazzi
Yacht Catch - Brown Necklace-Paparazzi
Endless Energy - Brown Paparazzi Bracelet
ECLECTIC Heart - Brown Necklace-Paparazzi
Glamorously Grand Duchess - Blue Clip-On Earring-Paparazzi
Noticeably Knotted - Silver Clip-On Earring-Paparazzi
Out Of This Galaxy - Silver Clip-On Earring-Paparazzi
Highly High-Class - Pink Clip-On Earring-Paparazzi
Only 1 left!
Sunburst Splendor - Copper Stone Bracelet-Paparazzi
Stacking Up - Copper Ring-Paparazzi
Only 1 left!
Sunburst Style - Copper Stone Necklace-Paparazzi
Dallas Décor - Copper Paparazzi Bracelet
Explosive Elegance - Multi Earring-Paparazzi
Metro Makeover - Gold Crawler Earring-Paparazzi
Couture Crawl - White Pearl Post Crawler Earring-Paparazzi
Pronged Parisian - Gold Ear Cuff -Paparazzi
Delicately Dainty - Multi Paparazzi Earring
Cosmic Red Carpet - Blue Earring-Paparazzi
Subtle Smile - Black Earring-Paparazzi
Only 1 left!
Galaxy Grandeur - Multi  Earring-Paparazzi
Fiercely 5th Avenue- Fashion Fix-April 2024-Paparazzi
Only 1 left!
Sunset Sightings-Fashion Fix-October 2023-Paparazzi
Only 1 left!
Sunset Sightings - Fashion Fix-February 2024-Paparazzi
Only 1 left!
Delicately Dainty - Multi Paparazzi Earring
Delicately Dainty - Multi Paparazzi Earring
Delicately Dainty - Multi Paparazzi Earring
Urban Labyrinth - Gold Ring-Paparazzi
Only 1 left!
Mermaidcore - Gold Paparazzi Earring
Stellar Showcase - Gold Paparazzi Earring
Seize the Chicness - Gold Ear Cuff-Paparazzi
Ultra Sharp - Green Necklace-Paparazzi
Merry Mandalas - Green Earring-Paparazzi
Risky Ritz - Green Earring-Paparazzi
Gorgeously Genie - Green Earring-Paparazzi
Street Beat - Black Necklace-Paparazzi
SCARFed for Attention - Black Gunmetal Scarf Necklace-Blockbuster-Paparazzi
Keep Your Eye On The Pendulum - Black Gunmetal Necklace-Paparazzi
Mandala Melody - Black Necklace-Paparazzi
Fauna and Flora - Pink Starlet Shimmer Hair Clip-Paparazzi
Only 1 left!
Yas Boss! - White Hair Clip-Paparazzi
Right HAIR, Right Now - Multi Hair Clip-Paparazzi
Can't HAIR Myself Think - Multi Hair Clip-Paparazzi
Guess Now Its INITIAL - White - A Paparazzi Bracelet
Only 1 left!
Guess Now Its INITIAL - White - J-Paparazzi Bracelet
Serene Season - Blue Paparazzi Bracelet
Doting Devotion - White Paparazzi Lanyard
Uptown Talker-White Paparazzi Lanyard
SHELL-ebrity Showcase - Gold Lanyard-Paparazzi